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Princess Cut Diamond Large special price !! Engagement Rings s women for solitaire ring Max 85% OFF

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for women solitaire ring s


Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for women solitaire ring s

Product Description

4 C's of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Gold 3/8 ctw (G,VS2) Signature Rare Quality

When deciding whether this diamond engagement ring is perfect for your special someone, it is imperative that you understand the 4 C's of the diamonds on the ring: 

Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to the quality of the diamond and how much light passes through or gets reflected (creating that sparkle everyone loves). The cut of the diamonds on this ring is Very Good or Better. This means that a significant amount of light reflection occurs on the diamonds. 

Color: The color of a diamond refers to the degree of how colorless a diamond is (considering diamonds come in many different shades). The color of the diamonds on this ring is G-H. This means that the diamonds are nearly colorless.  Note that the center diamond is a natural earth-mined, no treatment of the diamond occurred in this process. 

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount of blemishes and inclusions that are included in a 10X magnification. The diamonds on this ring have an VS2-SI1 clarity.

Carat: The carat of a diamond refers to how much the diamond weighs. The total carat weight of this jewelry piece is 3/8 carat total weight.

Exquisite Packaging

Glitz Design provides exquisite packaging making it a great fit for the proposal or even if it's a gift. The ring is placed in an elegant Gift Box wrapped with a soft velvet pouch. A jewelry maintenance informative card with a Micro-Fibre Cleaning cloth is also included in the pouch. A Certificate of Authenticity is included verifying the 4 C’s of this purchase and the Gold Purity. Expect the best packing with this High Quality Piece.

Master Jewelers amp; Diamond Experts

This Diamond Engagement ring is a premium Fine Jewelry product by Glitz Design. The unique engagement ring you will order has been conceptualized, designed amp; Crafted here in the USA. Designs like this one are first sketched by our designers, the jewelers then fabricate the masterpiece in gold. Next, diamonds are hand picked by our experts. Then these diamonds are set with precision on the gold piece to create a masterpiece that you deserve.The high finish and an eye-catching sparkle amp; sheen that will leave you breathless. In every step, there was care, detail amp; precision put into making this statement piece.

Find the Right Ring Size

Once you have your heart set on this ring, it is important that you get the ring in the right size so it perfectly fits her ring finger. The best way to do this is to use a ring chart. When you are printing out the ring chart, be sure to print it at 100% to get proper measurements. 

1. Get a ring that fits on her ring finger. Note that not all fingers on the right hand will always have the same size as the left hand. So be sure, when you are finding the measurement, you know that this is for the correct finger. 
2. Print out the ring chart and put the ring against the chart to see which one matches perfectly. (Be sure that one of the circles fits perfectly inside of the ring. 
3. Here we have listed sizes 4-9. If the ring happens to be bigger than one size but smaller than the next size, then choose a half size. For example, if the ring is too big for size 4 but smaller than size 5, choose the 4.5 option. 


Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for women solitaire ring s

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