Women's Winter Heated Underwear Power Charging NEW USB Set $81 Women's Winter Heated Underwear, USB Charging Heated Set (Power Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women USB,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Underwear,,Women's,Set,Heated,(Power,Heated,www.ntec-s.jp,$81,/Christdom1345570.html,Charging,Winter Women's Winter Heated Underwear Power Charging NEW USB Set $81 Women's Winter Heated Underwear, USB Charging Heated Set (Power Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women USB,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Underwear,,Women's,Set,Heated,(Power,Heated,www.ntec-s.jp,$81,/Christdom1345570.html,Charging,Winter

Women's Winter Heated Underwear Dedication Power Charging NEW USB Set

Women's Winter Heated Underwear, USB Charging Heated Set (Power


Women's Winter Heated Underwear, USB Charging Heated Set (Power

Product description

Name: heated thermal underwear
Condition: new
Gender: men / women
Material: 91.1% POLYESTER + 8.9% Spandex
Size: M L XL XXL
8 zone heating (5 zones for tops, 3 zones for pants)

Package includes:
1 x Heated Thermal Underwear Tops
1 x Heated Thermal Underwear Pants

How to use:
1.Charging: Fully charge the charger, before use.
2.Plug type: Connects the battery to a socket located in your pocket.
3.Press and hold the On / off button for three seconds. The initial temperature is 50 degrees (Red LED), the intermediate temperature is 45 degrees (White LED) and the lowest 35 degrees (Blue LED).

Cleaning and maintenance:
1.Washing machine When washing, remove the external battery.
2.In the case of machine washing, please wash your clothes in a laundry bag.
3.To ensure the longevity of clothing, try to avoid heavy washing and normal drying.

Friend, if you are not sure whether your size is correct, you can send me information to tell us your height, weight and chest circumference, we will give you a reasonable suggestion.

Women's Winter Heated Underwear, USB Charging Heated Set (Power

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