CNC,FXCNC,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Buffer,B,Steering,Stabilizer,Control,Damper,,Motorcycle,/electrocorticogram1542186.html,$42 $42 FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper Stabilizer Buffer Control B Automotive Replacement Parts $42 FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper Stabilizer Buffer Control B Automotive Replacement Parts FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper B Control Columbus Mall Buffer Stabilizer CNC,FXCNC,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Buffer,B,Steering,Stabilizer,Control,Damper,,Motorcycle,/electrocorticogram1542186.html,$42 FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper B Control Columbus Mall Buffer Stabilizer

FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper B Control Columbus Mall Buffer Stabilizer Ranking TOP11

FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper Stabilizer Buffer Control B


FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper Stabilizer Buffer Control B

Product description

Color:all black


YZF R6 (not race) 2006-2018
YZF R1 2006-2016


100 % brand new
Material:T6061-T6 Aluminum (High Quality Material, Light grade amp; Light-weight)
Finish: CNC amp; Anodized (durable and not easy to fade)
Color : Show as pictures
If you need other colour,please leave me a note after payment, thanks!
Weight: 1 LB
Others:  Perfect fit and no modification is needed, No installation instructions
Extraordinary advantages:

1.His risk is minimal. High stability
2.The dampers are fully adjustable and can be adjusted in 22 positions so there will be a position for every rider
3.The twin-tube clamp ensures that the clamping force of the tube clamp does not obstruct the piston
4.Nitrogen pressurised heat expansion reservoir prevents the forming of air bubbles
5.Mounting kits went through countless tests through any riding conditions

Package Included:

1x Adjustable Steering Damper amp; Stabilizer Mounting Kit Full Set


1.After installation, turn the head to the very right and very left to check whether there is enough room for the activity of steering damper or not
2.Check if the steering damper and its kit reach the motorbike or oil tank
his kind of risk to a bare minimum. Tank slappers and vibrations are intercepted by the damper

About after-sales service:

Provide three months free warranty
We provide high quality products and best service to each customer
Everyone, If you have any questions, please do feel free to connect with us

FXCNC Motorcycle CNC Steering Damper Stabilizer Buffer Control B

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Guide Look Molded FXCNC Stabilizer Leg Product Buffer Damper Miraclesuit Comfort

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