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Elba 33470AZ Portfolio File Chic Paper A4 Page Outlet ☆ Free Shipping for 150 DIN Board Sale Special Price

Elba 33470AZ Portfolio File Chic Paper Board for 150 DIN A4 Page


Elba 33470AZ Portfolio File Chic Paper Board for 150 DIN A4 Page

Product description

Mappe fr lose Unterlagen in attraktivem, modischem Design. Mit Eckspannergummi. Aus festem 450 g/qm Karton (RC). Fr ca. 150 DIN A4-Bltter. Gre: 230 x 320 x 3 mm., Hersteller: ELBA Brosysteme, Marke: ELBA, Farbe: dunkelblau

Elba 33470AZ Portfolio File Chic Paper Board for 150 DIN A4 Page

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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