NEW WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Skirt Tree Decoration WeRChristmas,/isabelita1636655.html,$32,Skirt,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Christmas,,Fairisle,Tree,Snowflake,Decoration, $32 WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration, Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor NEW WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Skirt Tree Decoration $32 WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration, Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor WeRChristmas,/isabelita1636655.html,$32,Skirt,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Christmas,,Fairisle,Tree,Snowflake,Decoration,

NEW WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Popularity Skirt Tree Decoration

WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration,


WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration,

Product description


Product Description

This red tree skirt has been handmade and designed to complement any Christmas tree. It features intricate detail and has been created using high quality materials. This skirt has been designed with a red knitted material and features a fair isle pattern. This skirt has a 122 cm diameter meaning it is ideal for trees up to 9 feet. It uses a rope seal to attach the skirt allowing you to easily tie a knot. This tree skirt has been handmade with an ideal attention to detail. It features very intricate detailing throughout and is extremely soft. It is more than big enough to effectively cover the base of your tree and hide any stands or wires you may have. It will also make an elegant background to place your floor decorations and presents. This skirt is also very easy to clean and provides an useful way to catch anything that may fall from your tree.

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Red tree skirt

WeRChristmas Fairisle Snowflake Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration,


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