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Price Right Home NEW before selling ☆ Trucks and Drop Lined Transport Curtains All stores are sold 54

Price Right Home Trucks and Transport Lined Curtains 54" Drop


Price Right Home Trucks and Transport Lined Curtains 54" Drop

Product description

  • Exclusive PriceRightHome Design
  • Colourful transport themed curtains
  • Fully lined
  • Two curtains per pack
  • Curtains are pencil-pleat fitting so will fit any standard curtain rail or pole
  • Tie backs included
  • These curtains are each 66in wide (168cm) with a 54in drop (137cm)
  • 48% cotton, 52% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Colour: Multi / White
  • Matching duvet cover available in UK single, double and Junior
  • Please note - Designs may vary slightly

The fun and colourful Trucks and Transport Curtains feature a collection of brightly coloured trucks, diggers and other vehicles on a white background. The curtains are fully lined and come complete with tie backs. They are also suitable for machine washing. The design matches our exclusive Trucks and Transport single, double and junior duvet covers which are also available to purchase.

Price Right Home Trucks and Transport Lined Curtains 54" Drop

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